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"I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE this TCM training. I love the material and am feeling very inspired to get good at it. It all resonates with me in a deep way and feels so aligned to the work I want to do with clients. I can't remember the last time I've been this inspired by new material. In addition to loving the TCM material, I deeply and wholeheartedly appreciate the space you hold for all of us and the loving, thoughtful, well-paced way you present the material. I feel like I've learned so much about TCM skills as well as how to lead an effective training.”

— Rachel Ladov, LCSW
Therapist & Life Coach to Teen and Young Women



"This training is really unlike any other that I've participated in. If you decide to take part in this experience, promise yourself that you will go "all in." You won't regret it. What made this training unique and special to me is, in part, due to its format and structure. The training calls and skills labs, all completed over the phone, allow even the busiest of therapists to participate AND still gain richness, insight and loads of information. Rachel leads with heart, courage and transparency - sharing her gifts of self-awareness, intuition and love with all the participants. After three months of intense training, I feel refreshed, inspired and alive! "

— Tracy Tanner, LPC- S, LMFT-S
Director and Founder of GT Therapy Group


“Its a gift!"

"You will absolutely be glad you did it! This training has inspired me in so many ways, personally and professionally. It's a gift."

           — Blake Norton, LMFT-S
Director and Founder of GT Therapy Group                        



“This training has been life-changing! The material is all invaluable and is already allowing me to go deeper into transformational work with clients and myself. Rachel does a beautiful job of creating a loving, safe environment that is ripe for learning. She shares the TCM materials and skills in a way that is accessible and inspiring. I learned practical techniques and information and developed stronger coaching skills over the past three months. I look forward to seeing how my coaching and business grows as I continue to integrate all I have learned.” 

— R.L., LCSW



“Working with Rachel has been one of the smartest things I’ve ever done, both personally and professionally. She helped me learn to say “YES” to myself and to the things that bring me pleasure - this was such a major breakthrough for me! THAT alone has done wonders for my business because I can turn around and inspire my clients to do the same! So many of my fears around deservability and worthiness have been released!  Thank you, Rachel, for being such a wonderful coach
and a true blessing to me and to those you impact.”

Anabel Quintanilla, CNWC
Founder of HealthandVida.com



“I found this training extremely helpful. Having been a psychologist for almost 30 years, many of my own clients are also experienced psychologists. I was genuinely surprised that I learned so many new techniques and approaches through this training. Using the TCM techniques I immediately was able to take my clients to deeper places. More than once a client said “Wow!” or commented on how powerful the session was after I used a technique I learned in this training. I found myself asking questions in more creative ways, listening differently and better to my clients, and allowing my clients to do the work themselves, instead of working so hard myself to try and take them to deeper places. This training was incredibly valuable, it has made my work with clients both easier and more profound.” 

                                                                                                 — Terri Perelman-Hall, Psy.D. Clinical Psychologist

"highly recommended!"

Great job! The training was very informative and very professionally done. I highly recommend this course for any therapist who wants to add another dimension to their practice!

- Sarah E. Kyle, Ph.D., LCSW

I have attended two of Rachel’s workshops for therapists and both times learned so much, had a fun time and felt encouraged and fully accepted by her. Rachel is one of those people who gives you her full, undivided attention when you are in her presence. It is a rare and beautiful experience. I know her to be a wonderful person and excellent therapist.
— Julie Spears, LCSW

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