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A Year of Real Self Care, Coaching Conversations, Tools, Exercises,
Insights and Support to help you upgrade every area of your business
and your life for you and your clients.

Perfect for: Coaches, Therapists, Entrepreneurs, Creative Artists,
Working Moms, and Personal-Growth Lovers
(Therapists, nurses and other helping professionals receive 18 CEUs)

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More Ease? More Flow? More Money?
More Peace? More Freedom?
More Time for Just You? More Fun?

Yes, Yes, Yes, And Yes!  

Whether the challenge is…

  • Wanting to take better care of yourself but who has the time?

  • Frustration because you want _____ (the money, the freedom, the clients, a better office, the right partner, insert your desire) to Get Here Already!

  • Stressed because your to-do lists are longer than your favorite novel.

  • Worried that in order to make more money you’ll have to work harder.

  • Knowing that you love helping people, you’ve got talent and gifts to share but you’re still not getting to experience yourself as fully alive, free, self-expressed and having fun.

  • Wanting to grow in ways that are meaningful to YOU personally.

… the question I ask is:

What would you LOVE to be experiencing_ (1).png

This is the beginning of freedom and opens the door for new possibilities.

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Imagine experiencing your life with more ease…

Letting things be easy is a skill and you can learn it.
Having more success while working less is possible and you can have it.
Have you heard the statement: “You can only take your clients as far as you are willing to go”.

I used to think that meant in DEPTH and Vulnerability (and it does). 
Now I’ve learned that it also means in JOY + SUCCESS.

As a helper in the world your joy, your success, and your happiness have a significant impact on the people you serve, care for and love. Who you are being, creates. How well you care for yourself, creates.

You care about your loved ones.

You care about your clients.

You want them to feel loved and accepted.

You want them to have the best life possible.

You go first.

Light the way one sweet step at a time.

Go First. 💜

In this life YOU get to love yourself fully, be fully alive, self-expressed and free. …Now. Not later.

And I’m not just talking about more candles and baths (although who doesn’t love a good candle)!

I am talking about the way we take care of every aspect of ourselves and our businesses, from our schedules to our boundaries, to our inner light to our self talk to our free time and more.

Giving yourself more of what you want now IS the path to creating what you want out there in the future.

Not after you reach some goal. It's yours to have and embody now.

In fact, putting your self care first IS the path to more love, more skill as a therapist and coach, more generosity and more money. and even more integrity.

I’ve done it. I practice it. And it continues to change my life… in the most meaningful ways.

If that sounds good to you, I invite you to let me show you how and help you soar.
With practical, actionable, real life tools, support and care.

WHEN: Typically the 2nd Friday of each month from 12 - 1:30 pm CST. We start Fri. Sept. 13th.
* All sessions are recorded in case you have to miss the call live.

WHERE: We meet together via a live Zoom session.
We will also share a private Facebook group for on-going support, conversations and a place to connect.


How To Experience Your Full and Happiest Potential: 

Creating Through Generous Self Care


Intentionally creating our lives is a powerful and life-affirming perspective that many have of us have been practicing for years - even if we’ve called it something else. Personally and professionally, many of us have been intentionally creating and designing our lives and for as long as we can remember.

Yet it wasn’t until recently that I discovered this: Combining the practices of creating deliberately + actionable self love, produces a level of peace, love, ease, freedom and income that we may have always wanted.

…but didn’t know we could have. 

A Year of Self Care is about practicing new ways of saying YES to yourself, and of exploring + creating who you are BEing so that what you DO comes from your most authentic, fulfilled, naturally happier, true Self. This produces miraculous results.

The quickest and easiest way to experience this level of self care is through sharing tools and perspectives and through coaching conversations.

I created this program so that we could be together and have fun while we upgrade our experience of life, in our businesses, our relationships and in ourselves.

If you love to grow and apply what you learn,
you will access more love and gentle power than you may have previously experienced

This is a creative process and we will be creating it together. 

They more you participate (even privately), the more you will receive. If you can believe that you are a co-creator of your experience, the more success, freedom, pleasure and results you will create.

Even more important is your desire and willingness to ENJOY your life and experience the effects of putting your state of being first.

Even if a part of you is saying: What? Me first? Isn’t that selfish? What will people think?!

Many of us have been taught to believe that we are not naturally generous…that its better to work hard… to put everyone else first… etc.

What if the opposite is true?

What if the more you love yourself in tangible, specific, design-your-life-exactly-the-way-you-want-it ways,

the MORE naturally Generous you are.

..and the more effective, happy, care-free, relaxed, loving, powerful and wealthy you are too.

Sound like something you would like to explore?

Take a look and see what happens….

There is so much goodness available to you.

Register for A Year of Self Care Today!

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Hi, I’m Rachel Madorsky. I’m not your typical therapist or coach. Although I have been a licensed psychotherapist for over twenty years, I’ve been doing this work for most of my life and don’t really think of it as work. I think of it as love + art + creating. Fortunate to have an incredibly successful business, my work is about helping people give themselves permission to be who they really are, love who they want to love, do what they want to do, and create their dreams beyond any previously limited idea or version of themselves.

I do this by having honest, loving, powerful conversations, speaking, teaching and practicing everything I teach. In this way, I am able to help my clients achieve profound results and together we contribute to a more loving, happy, beautiful, light-hearted, caring world.

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Working with Rachel has been one of the smartest things I’ve ever done, both personally and professionally. She helped me learn to say “YES” to myself and to the things that bring me pleasure - this was such a major breakthrough for me!

THAT alone has done wonders for my business because I can turn around and inspire my clients to do the same! So many of my fears around deserveability and worthiness have been released!

I love my business and am more successful than I have ever been or thought possible - and more big things are coming my way. Thank you, Rachel, for being such a wonderful coach
and a true blessing to me and to those you impact.
— Anabel Quintanilla, CNWC Transformational Wellness Coach, Founder of HealthandVida.com
I’m a big fan and grateful for the chance to work with you, Rachel. You’re an incredibly inspiring woman. Rachel’s complete ease in presenting is only the tip of the iceberg. I have attended three of Rachel’s trainings now, and this woman is powerful in creating confidence in participants, and in shifting the entire energy of a large room to one of appreciation, enjoyment and genuine support of each person in the group. Her interactive style allows individuals to grow in their own ability to be seen and heard. Rachel uses humor and wit in presenting complex concepts with simplicity, driving home important key elements. I am amazed at how she creates an atmosphere that incorporates wisdom with fun and hysterical belly laughs. Thank you! Much love to you.
— Wendy J. Holloway, Life, Health and Business Coach
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I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE this training. In addition to loving the material, I deeply and wholeheartedly appreciate the space you hold for all of us and the loving, thoughtful, well-paced way you present the material. I feel like I’ve learned so much as well as how to lead an effective training.
— Rachel Ladov, LCSW, Therapist & Life Coach to Teen and Young Women
Rachel is an absolute miracle worker.
— Participant
Rachel Madorsky is a force of nature. She is the embodiment of inspired passion. She is also scary honest, by which I mean her vulnerability brought me into contact with my own. Every conversation I had with Rachel grew me. Whether it was through her precise insight she shared with me or simply her example of being, I always came away from our conversations in contact with a truer and more real part of myself. Her reverence for all life is also infectious. Being around her cultivated in me compassion that slowed me down and forced me to feel. Rachel is destined for the world stage.
— John Patrick Morgan, Creator, Philosopher, Champion JPMorganjr.com
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Rachel leads with heart, courage and transparency - sharing her gifts of self-awareness, intuition and love with all the participants. After three months of intense training, I feel refreshed, inspired and alive! “
— Tracy Tanner, LPC- S, LMFT-S Director and Founder of GT Therapy Group
You will absolutely be glad you did it! This training has inspired me in so many ways, personally and professionally. It’s a gift.
— Blake Norton, LMFT-S, Director and Founder of GT Therapy Group
I have attended two of Rachel’s workshops for therapists and both times learned so much, had a fun time and felt encouraged and fully accepted by her. Rachel is one of those people who gives you her full, undivided attention when you are in her presence. It is a rare and beautiful experience. I know her to be a wonderful person
and excellent therapist.
— Julie Spears, LCSW
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You changed my life.
— Darren Farfan, Coach for the Spiritually Minded

Introducing A Year of Self Care

A Live Monthly Coaching + Learning Experience

With Me In The Company

of Other Creative and Helping Professionals

I wanted to create a way for people to access me and this work at a much lower financial investment than my private practice or group coaching experiences.

Beginning this Sept 2019, I will be engaging in a live monthly workshop and conversation, bringing tools, teachings, coaching and support for creating our dreams  —> through self care.

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More on those Details…


Our monthly workshop happens via live zoom video conference. You are encouraged to show up fully for yourself (in your most comfortable sweats if you like)! Your presence creates and supports your learning as well as your connection to this amazing group community. Together we will create a live, engaging, shared experience. 

Upon your registration, you will be invited to a closed Facebook group for sharing and connecting with other Self-Care Creators between classes.

Although I strongly encourage you to attend our monthly conversations live, an on-demand streaming of each class will be available for the full month until our next class. Attending the class live, watching the replay and engaging in the community with the other Creators will support you taking your insights to a new level of self love and care that has the power to transform your world. For Real. 

It is also the action you take that will also move your learning to integrated experience, deeper understanding and delightfully desired results.

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We meet for our live classes are once per month, typically on the second Friday of the month from 12 noon - 1:30 pm Central time. Our first meeting is Friday, Sept. 13th, 2019.

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Therapists, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Lovers of Personal Growth. People who want to experience more love, more joy, more peace, more grace, more money, more lightness, freedom and ease.

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Each month I will bring something to explore; a tool, a concept, an exercise, all of which you are welcome to use and share with your clients and we will create a live conversation between myself and a few of you. You will also be invited to present a question or challenge in advance as well as during our workshop.

We take inspired action, no matter how small - that upgrades the quality of our lives. There is no linear curriculum for you to learn, this experience is a gift from you -> to you and now is the perfect time to receive it.

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To join us, simply register by clicking on whichever payment option is best for you. You will then receive a welcome email + invitation to join our private Facebook group.

We do not offer refunds, but you can cancel your membership at any time.

However you decide to join us, I recommend you commit to yourself to allowing this experience to truly serve YOU. 

I am committed to providing you with an outstanding experience
of self love and self care that supports you in creating more love, joy, peace and abundance in your life.

You CAN have all the love, connection, support, peace, freedom, joy, income, clients and happiness you desire.

Register for A Year of Self Care Today!

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